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History of Žitoprodukt

Milling and baking industry in Banja Luka has a long tradition ever since 1948 when the first mill has started to work under the name of Žitoprodukt.

In short period of time Žitoprodukt has become a synonym for quality and tradition.

It is part of our company’s policy to conduct business primarily on the basis of top quality products.
"Žitoprodukt" owns crops storage silage that has 15 000 tons capacity while milling products are stored in flour silage of 1500 tons capacity. We also possess industrial mill that has wheat processing capacity of 90-100 tons in 24 hours. We have excellent transport organization that includes railway transport as well. Besides industrial grinding, we also perform grinding of several types of integral flour using a traditional method of grinding with a millstone.

Product range of our company consists of eight types of flour, three types of integral flour and several products that fall within the category of "Healthy Food".

"Žitoprodukt" operates in line with requirements of HACCP and ISO 9001 standards which guarantee top quality of our products.